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Hi Y'all!!! You know what they say "everything is bigger in Texas", well, in all honesty they are exactly right. The buildings are bigger, the malls are bigger and the hair is bigger.
Just got out of a legal conference. Think 30+ attorneys debating various legal issues and you get an idea of what my life has been like for the last two days. Outside of the conference, there are some really nice folks from all around the world. Tonight the group sand Happy Birthday in English, Swedish, Spanish, Portugese and there would have been a Chinese version is Yi had not slipped out of dinner.
See y'all back at the ranch on Thursday. XOXOXO


Both those songs are awful. I hope your kids sing them all day long.


Where in Texas? I live in Houston, Julie.

Cynthia Closkey

I loved that Ebn-Ozn video back in the day. LOVED it. Although I think the clothes and hair looked ridiculous even then.


Pingu Rap performed by David Hasselhoff? Lord have mercy. Thankfully my kids missed that one.

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